Kosher Catering For Wedding Catering

Kosher private chef, Sharon Waxler, started her business in 2020. “I wasn’t the owner yet, but I had this vision that I would one day have my own restaurant,” she said. Sharon’s mother, a seamstress, helped her with the start-up costs by providing samples of Kosher clothing. Her mother passed away a few months later, but Sharon kept the company running by herself.

Kosher private chef

Now she works from a spacious villa in Jaffa, Israel with four other female Kosher chefs. Since the start of her business, Kosher villas in Jaffa have seen a steady increase in guests from far and wide. Sharon explained that it is not only because of the direct location of her villa, but also because there is a wonderful atmosphere to set the private chefs at work in.

The most common meal time for a Kosher home chef is breakfast. In addition to preparing the meals for the entire family, these chefs can also prepare the same meals for special occasions such as weddings and parties. “We can do whatever we want for breakfast,” she said. “We can have egg salad, croissants, toast, French toast… We can do what we want.” However, not every morning is the same for any given Kosher chef.

Kosher private chefs are paid on an hourly basis. They make about $25 an hour for each meal. Depending on the menu, the earnings could be higher or lower. For example, the more popular dishes on the less popular sides of the Kosher villa may be booked at the beginning of the week and the end of the week. In addition to weekly and daily food sales, the Kosher chef may also cater to the party for Passover. In addition to catering, he or she will also make Passover gifts and decorations for the occasion.

If you are looking to have a great gourmet meal for a family with children, then having the Kosher chef at your home is a wonderful idea. It’s also nice to know that your kosher private chef is very familiar with the foods of the Passover holiday. This is because he or she will be able to serve traditional foods from that holiday, which will ensure the best dinner for your family.

Of course, there is also the opportunity to experience Passover in a different way. For instance, many families are opting to go other than the traditional Passover holiday and instead choose to experience the excitement of a gourmet and knowledgeable kosher private chef. The amazing experiences created with the help of the right caterer can transform even the dullest of traditional Passover meals into an amazing experience for everyone. Kosher catering for weddings, brunches, and brunches for kids are just some of the Passover experiences you can have; and you can have these incredible experiences while vacationing at a gorgeous villa in Miami. Contact a local Kosher catering company to learn more about having these amazing experiences in your very own villa in Miami.

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