Enjoying Lamb Lovers With a Little Fun

Lamb lollipops are a great way to enjoy a sweet treat on any special occasion. These tasty treats are made with lanolin, which is a fat found in sheep’s wool. When combined with gelatin, these lollipops are transformed into tasty but pretty little treats that taste great and can be shared with others. Here are some fun things you can do with your Lamb lollipops.

lamb lollipops

* Make a fruit drink out of the lollipops by combining them with fruits such as cherries, peaches, or strawberries. You can mix the lollipops with fruit juice, milk, or water and then add flavors like raspberry, orange, lemon, or lime to taste. Then enjoy them cold or chilled. You can have a cup at any time for breakfast or on a cold winter night while watching television.

* Make a delicious dip out of them by melting down some melted butter in a bowl. After you have melted the butter, add the lamb lollipops, lemon juice, and yogurt and mix it all up until it is creamy and smooth. Then serve it up with your favorite yogurt or ice cream and everyone will love it!

* Use them to make a pudding recipe! There are several ways you can use these lollipops. You can mix them with sugar or other sweeteners and then drizzle some honey over the top to create a caramel kind of glaze. Or you can melt them down and then add some lemon juice or lemon extract so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of the lollipops without the added sweetness. Then you can enjoy them over ice cream or sherbet with your favorite toppings.

* You can make a milkshake out of the lollipops, if you want to. You can add some lemon juice or other sweetening agents and then make a tasty, fruity drink out of them. Then serve them cold or even chilled to enjoy all day. They are great for breakfast or for enjoying them on an evening snack after dinner.

Making your own lollipops is very easy. All you need is some lanolin and gelatin, and you’re ready to have fun.

* Take a cup of lanolin and dissolve it in one tablespoon of gelatin and then add the mixture to a container of hot water. Mix the lanolin and gelatin together until they are completely dissolved. Then add the milk to the mixture and heat it through until the milk dissolves. This mixture should not boil because this will cause your lollipops to turn out bitter.

* Making jelly is another way to enjoy these lollipops making them into jams or spreads. You can get different combinations by making a recipe for jam or spreading the lanolin jelly onto the cake or other special treat that you want to spread the jelly on. Onto. Then decorate it with cherries, peaches, strawberries, or other fruits or berries.

* Making a mixture of lollipops and honey is another way to enjoy them. You can put honey in them for a nice fruity flavor and use them to make fruit bars. Or you could take some honey and combine it with lemon juice and then drizzle over the tops of the lollipops to make a smooth and sweet glaze for sandwiches.

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